Always Make New Mistakes

Can you teach old dogs new tricks?
Can you teach old dogs new tricks?

What if you tell a joke and nobody laughs?  Today is my birthday.  Are you, like me, getting older and still struggling to learn something new?

Years ago I was a teacher at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  I went into Karen’s room to give her a history lesson.  Karen, age 12, had leukemia.  She always loved our time together (perhaps because I wasn’t going to give her a shot or a pill.)  Anyway, we had a history lesson that day.   I left.  Karen died a few minutes later.  Until the final moments of her life Karen wanted to learn something new

I’ve never forgotten her.  She inspires me still.  Like Karen, I want to continue learning until the day I die, too. 

From this photo you may think I’m learning to be funny.  (Not a bad thing for a motivational speaker.)  Actually, I’m learning to be honest.  The best humor is based on truth

Please share these nonprofit leadership tips with someone you know who is doing something good for the world.  Thank you.   Shar McBee


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  1. Happy Birthday, Shar. Your recent short but sweet talk to the Woman’s Club of St. Michaels was great. I remembered three things. To lead is to serve. To lead is to listen. To lead is to appreciate. The simplest things are always the most powerful. I’m trying to do better at the second and third.

  2. Happy Birthday Shar. Iwill like this post and it inspire me a lot. Ialways love to learn new things every day and your tips are so helpful. Enjoy your birthday

    Kuako Nicoue

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