Leadership: Start Having Fun Again
(plus a Twist of Yoga)

Mission Statement:  More joy.  Better leadership.

When Covid-19 is over, you are about to experience a rebirth – about to be given another chance, a new lease on life. Meanwhile, use this dormancy phase to plan which direction you will grow.  

The harder your work is, the more you need to lighten up.  Do your people feel valued and respected?  Do you feel courageous enough to allow people to fail?  Do you communicate and keep everyone in the loop?

You will learn creative leadership solutions that bring results right away. The physical poses plus the principles of yoga can make a huge difference for you in your leadership role.

You will also learn “The Yoga Advantage” for successful leadership:  Centering yourself.  Seeking balance.  Aligning yourself with your inner strength so that you are no longer subject to every passing whim. In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means union.  The mind and body are connected. Changing your body (even just your breathing) can change the way people relate to you.

Each leadership principle that you learn is associated with a yoga pose.  For instance, the mountain pose helps you remain steady in times of chaos (like a mountain remains stable through a storm.)  In the team leaders training, you learn flexibility which makes you and those who work with you happier. No yoga pants required. The yoga is tranquil enough to do at your desk even in a suit or stilettos
In leadership, a joyous mood is infectious and brings success.
How to Motivate People to Listen to You
team leaders training
How to Create Cooperation
How to Attract Support
Leadership development based on the best-selling book Leadership with a Twist of Yoga
by Shar McBee.

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