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Leadership with a Twist of Yoga

“All things come to the person who is modest and kind in a high position.” – I Ching

Tech leadership has to be creative because techies are creative.  They are artists creating our future.  They can also bend you to your breaking point.  Conflict is misfortune when it becomes confrontation;  valuable when it turns into compromise.  After all, tension on guitar strings makes beautiful music.

The tech world can change on a dime.  You wake up and the world is different.  Both yoga and leadership require thinking deeper than the fluctuations of the mind.  From a combination of balance and flexibility you can make good decisions.

Tech leadership requires the ability to slice through the challenges. Here’s an example: Enormous strife had developed between the two founding partners of a technology company. They had launched the business together and now one partner wanted to sell because he decided the other partner didn’t respect him.

It was almost like a divorce. He became so stuck about the dis-respect, he couldn’t do business with the other any longer. Their common goal had disappeared.


An arbitrator called the two partners together and asked one, “Why do you care if he respects you?” 

The partner replied, “He doesn’t show up at my presentations. I’m sales. He’s technical. Without him, it’s hard to close the sales.”


There was silence in the room. Finally, the other partner spoke: “I don’t respect him because he doesn’t close the sales.” 


Respect can be more important than money as a motivator. It can be more important than a title. In “The Old Man and the Sea” Ernest Hemingway said that respect is more important than life.

In tech leadership if you have nothing to prove to yourself or others, pretense is not necessary.  You can operate from a position of strength and sincerity. Do you and your people feel valued and respected?  Do you feel courageous enough to allow people to fail?  Do you communicate and keep everyone in the loop?

You will learn creative leadership solutions that bring results right away.  Simple yoga poses that you can do at your desk, plus the principles of yoga can make a huge difference for you in your leadership role.

You will learn “The Yoga Advantage” for successful leadership:  Centering yourself.  Seeking balance.  Aligning yourself with your inner strength so that you are no longer subject to every passing whim. In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means union.  The mind and body are connected. Changing your body (even just your breathing) can change the way people relate to you.

Each leadership principle that you learn is associated with a yoga pose.  For instance, the mountain pose helps you remain steady in times of chaos (like a mountain remains stable through a storm.)  In the team leaders training, you learn flexibility which makes you and those who work with you happier. No yoga pants required. The yoga is tranquil enough to do at your desk even in a suit or stilettos.
In leadership, a joyous mood is infectious and brings success.
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