"Shar’s work contains the seeds of something important. It’s time for senior business officials to listen."
George Weiss
Co-Founder & CEO, Beechtree Capital, National Football Foundation, Board of Directors
"While I was in Shar McBee’s mentoring program, I had been focusing on finding venture capital. We got it. Even better, we found a strategic partner and then things just kept expanding. Very quickly, we found all of the investors we wanted."
Navdeep Jaikaria, PhD
Founder & Chairman, SGN NanoPharma, Inc.
"I loved this little book."
Mary Lange
Vice President, Independent Bankers Association of Texas
"The concept is similar to ‘Ask not what your country can do for you.’ This message is ‘Ask what you can do for your people.’ I loved it."
Arline Oberst
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Volunteer Soul
"I subscribe to a fair number of free email newsletters. Some I read occasionally, while others I rarely read. But this one is something I always take time to look at and ask how can I apply it. It's just the right length.There's only one main point to it,and you aren't spending most of the space trying to sell some service or product. Thank you for being so generous from learnings in your experience."
Gary Nims
Lead Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church, Spencer, Iowa
"Joy of Leadership is a wonderful read, filled with great principles and laws."
Tim Bensen
Bensen and Associates, Inc., Executive Recruiters
"The words just jump off the pages as if you are having a one on one conversation with Shar McBee. For the maximum impact from the book, do the exercises she suggests at the end; they’ll help to gel what you glean from the pages."
Rebecca Henderson
Book Reviewer and Columnist
"What a gift this book offers; and in such a powerful way with the beautiful stories so well written."
Inese Kaufman
President, ICS Consulting Group
"Here is a success story for you. As you know, we were trying to increase our membership. Well, we are up to 44 new members (from 22 last year.) We are very excited and continue to use so many of your ideas. You definitely changed many of us and I wanted you to know how successful we have been. We all hope to bring you back again soon!"
Loren Gineris
Education Coordinator, Junior League of Kane & DuPage Counties, Illinois
"It was a good interview. We wish we had given you a full hour."
Rick Klein
Producer, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
"We quickly went from 80 members to over 300."
Dr. Eugene Callendar
St. James Presbyterian Church, New York City
"If you have a chance to see Shar speak, read one of her books, or implement any of her leadership philosophies, make haste. She’s gifted at inspiring professionals to bring out the best in others by nurturing the best in themselves. Her insightful thoughts on how to approach leadership make her a true standout among motivational authors in the marketplace today."
Scott Edwards
Executive Vice President, Creative Advertising, Fox Entertainment
"One section had a profound impact on me. That section was in connection with giving. Giving a seed. What a powerful concept."
Mohammad Marashi
Vice President, Vice President of Innovation and Service Architecture, Intelsat
"This message just made my day. Not because this happened to you, but because it showed me that I'm not the only person this happens to."
Ingeborg Campman
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
"I am starting a new job on Monday. Your philosophy helped me get the job!"
Kris Carlson
Duluth, MN
"Very useful for young people who are new to leadership positions. It’s interesting how you can know something and yet forget it. This book is a strong reminder."
Betsy Strick
"A plain and simple guidebook for managers. Especially recommended for anyone recently promoted to a managerial or leadership position in the workplace."
Midwest Book Review
Publisher of book review magazines and library newsletters
"You are on fire when Shar works with your team. She’s incredibly motivating."
Caroline Chahalis
Morgan Stanley Investments, The Callens Group, Wilmington, DE
"When I was applying for Fordham law school, the deadline to apply had passed.  Then Shar helped me write an essay that was so inspired that Fordham made an exception and accepted me."
Arnie Herz
Attorney at Law, New York
"Shar was great. I love the concept and will be recommending the book to several people.  As I told Shar, there are many people I know who need lessons in this area."
George Bodarky
WFUV, New York City
"Leadership that is based on service will always succeed."
Suze Orman
"I have been reading your book, taking notes and highlighting and I can't tell you how much information I have gotten from it. I have been quoting things you said in your keynote speech for the past two weeks."
Lisa Williams
Junior League of Elizabeth-Plainfield, NJ

Shar McBee conducted a virtual leadership training  + strategic planning session for our world-wide Board.  

One member of our Board sent this email afterwards:  “Because of the open format of Shar’s heart-centered approach to interacting with a group of people by drawing everyone out, listening, and being present to what arises, I felt a shift in myself and took the opportunity to be vulnerable and speak up.   I certainly feel acknowledged and rewarded for that.” 

Mo McElroy

Board of Directors, Paul Sherwen Project

Travel & Tourism Executive

"In her book Joy of Leadership Shar McBee unlocks the essential secrets for deeply meaningful and successful leadership techniques. It lays the emotional framework that every great leadership text should rest upon."
Jerome Jessup
Jessup Designs, Former Senior Executive Vice President, Ann Taylor Stores
"If you are a new leader, Joy of Leadership can save you a great deal of heartache."
Veronica Tao Chevalier
Director, Shing Kwan Investment Company Limited, Hong Kong
"Save yourself a lot of grief and read Joy of Leadership! It will make working with people a breeze."
Robert G. Allen
New York Times best selling author of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, and co-author of The One Minute Millionaire
"This is an awesome book and so needed. I had been thinking of applying for a job and thought that it was way above my head, although I had the qualifications. After reading JOY, I am applying!"
Mary Castelberry
Training Director, Texas Department of State Health Services
"The book really does address all of the top leadership challenges. The stories are engaging and the lessons clear. The exercise at the end is excellent."
Kathleen Harkins
Harkins Associates, A National Sales Training and Consulting Firm
"The book had a ‘spiritual’ and ‘joyful’ element that made me feel more balanced after reading it. The advice is powerful and doable. The day after reading this book, I had a meeting with a ‘difficult’ board member. Thinking about giving her something rather than thinking about how to make her change her annoying behavior made me deal with her differently. The meeting went well and I feel we know each other better as people."
Francine Christiansen
Past President of the Junior League of Hartford, CT
"Shar – Your advice was excellent. Great!!! I love your ideas for our big transition."
Marla Crowley
Owner, Easy Billing Software, Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Let me know when you’ll be through town again. Let’s introduce you to my new audience. My show is now on at lunch time!"
Dr. Nita Vallens
KPFK, Los Angeles
"I oversee 1100 volunteers at 3 hospitals, a 1000 member auxiliary and 4 retail stores. I’ve never seen a more effective method of working with people."
Nancy Shafer
Director of Volunteer Services, Iowa Health, Des Moines, Iowa
"As the Executive Director of the American Heart Association, I spoke in front of many groups. The book, To Lead is to Serve, helped me relate to audiences more effectively."
Sally Fenton
Orange County, California

2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Rebecca A Henderson

    I am excited to read Shar McBee’s new book, “Leadership with a Twist of Yoga”! One of her previous books, “To Lead is To Serve” has influenced my life more than any other book, with the exception of the Bible. I expect “Leadership with a Twist of Yoga” will be equally influential to me, as I practice leadership. I’ve heard Shar speak, attended her trainings and would be in her fan club if she had one. Shar greatly influenced and encouraged me as I wrote “Serving with Significance”, which is a guide for leadership-level community influencers. Thank you, Shar McBee, for sharing your knowledge with the world!

  2. Scott Edwards, SVP On Air Promo, Fox Marketing

    If you have a chance to see Shar speak, read one of her books, or implement any of her leadership philosophies, make haste. She’s gifted at inspiring professionals to bring out the best in others by nurturing the best in themselves. Her insightful thoughts on how to approach leadership make her a true standout among motivational authors in the marketplace today.

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