What are we going to do about 2013?


In countless organizations, the “leaders” break the rules.  They criticize people, and then do the same thing themselves.   When our leaders think they deserve more privileges than others, it leads to indifference to suffering.

In 2013 are we and our leaders a family (in it for the team)?  Or is it everyone for themselves?  Which brings up the next question:  What are we going to do about it?  If we excuse them, or prefer not to be involved,  or think it isn’t “that bad,” we send the message that however they behave is alright. – Shar McBee



1 thought on “What are we going to do about 2013?”

  1. We need to revisit what a democracy actually is; and restructure ours accordingly. What worked in the 17 and 1800s is no longer viable, i.e. the second amendment. Leading is not leading the 1 % to tax breaks and tax loopholes; it’s opening doors to new paradigms and letting our citizens discover their strengths and talents. Sandy’s visit to NYC has opened the hearts of people from all over the states who chose to serve those who had lost their homes, income etc. These people gave up their holidays to help others rebuild, feed them, donate clothing and money. They opened their hearts and expanded their experience of brotherhood. We all have that capacity within us. Living through the disasters we’ve been visited with in in the last two months may have created the shift in consciousness that will lead us to whatever it takes to make major steps toward becoming a country of caring humanity and updating our democracy to meet the standards that the 21st Century is demanding!

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