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"Your job as the leader is not to make people do what you say.
Your job is to make it possible for them to succeed."

Leadership Training with a Twist of Yoga...
Develop & Retain Good Employees

President George W. Bush said, “Shar McBee’s basic concept of ‘to lead is to serve’ emphasizes that if we expect others to give, we ourselves must set an example of giving. It is pretty basic, pretty profound, but it is a concept and thought that has really stood the test of time.”  

Sue Toigo, who runs a foundation that helps young people of color get business degrees, says. “Shar painlessly instilled in me the importance of allowing other people to help me with the mission,” says Toigo. “She left me with tools to make what had been the most onerous part of my work into one of my easier tasks.”

Do you believe that “to lead is to serve?”  If so, we (at Joy of Leadership) would like to help you attract and keep good employees.

Our method is unique because we combine leadership training with yoga that you can do at your desk.  One small shift (in leadership and in yoga) can result in a huge impact, expand your influence, and leave a permanent change for the better.

  • For your brain:  You will gain knowledge about human behavior that will make people want to say YES to you.
  • For your heart:  Original success stories that will inspire and uplift you. (Then we help you apply what you’ve learned to your specific situation.)
  • For your body:  Easy yoga and breathing that will immediately improve your vitality.
How many employees can you afford to lose?
How many do you need to attract?
How much is it costing if you wait?
It will be hard to find another leadership program that is this effective.

How Yoga Improves Leadership:

A small shift makes a huge difference

"Your job as the leader is not to make people do what you say.
Your job is to make it possible for them to succeed."


Yoga wisdom instills you with courage, strength
and the flexibility to face what lies ahead.

About Joy of Leadership

Shar McBee, CEO, is the owner and creator of experimental, groundbreaking, cutting-edge leadership development programs.

Shar had never received leadership training when she was suddenly put in charge of managing 500 people. It was hard. Very challenging. Then a wise mentor taught her a secret that made it easy to get people to say YES.

When Shar was at the peak of her career as a broadcast journalist, she was offered her own television show plus a column in the New York Times Syndicate. It was going to go to 212 newspapers.

Instead, she went to a village in India and became a dishwasher in an ashram. It was a bold move. But she learned yoga and meditation, which led her to her life work.

From India, Shar did volunteer work all over the world, organized gigantic events, supervised up to 1000 people at a time (volunteers and paid workers.)  She then wrote her first book, To Lead is to Serve, became a keynote speaker, and once again was traveling around the world to speak.

At Joy of Leadership, we teach what Shar learned about leadership based on yogic principles. 

Why do we focus on tech leadership and leadership for lawyers? The tech and legal professions are changing the world. They deserve nourishment, wisdom and encouragement to lighten up. Shar learned coding in college and wound up supervising a team of sixty engineers. She worked for a law firm and volunteered with senior partners at the nation’s largest firms. When creative people are stressed, Shar takes great pleasure in encouraging them along their journey. 

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