"Your job as the leader is to make it possible for other people to succeed."

Shar McBee

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Creative solutions for tech leadership & leadership for lawyers. Leadership development plus the yoga advantage: Our method is unique because you gain wisdom from leadership training combined with yoga that you can do at your desk. If you believe that 'to lead is to serve' then our services will transform your leadership success.

Leadership with a Twist of Yoga

"The joyous mood is infectious and brings success."



Yoga wisdom instills you with courage, strength
and the flexibility to face what lies ahead.

My story

Shar McBee, at age 26, had never received leadership training when she was suddenly put in charge of managing 500 people. It was hard. Then a wise mentor taught her a secret that made it easy to get people to say YES.

A broadcast journalist, Shar left her job at CBS News and spent 10 years doing volunteer work all over the world. As a leader, Shar organized gigantic events supervising up to 1000 people at a time.  In the process she acquired an intuitive sense of what works and what doesn’t,  the value of pardoning the faults of others, dealing gently with mistakes and releasing people from rigid expectations.

  Why do we focus on tech leadership and leadership for lawyers? The tech and legal professions are changing the world. They deserve nourishment, wisdom and encouragement to lighten up. Shar learned coding in college and wound up supervising a team of sixty engineers. She worked for a law firm and volunteered with senior partners at the nation’s largest firms. When people are stressed, Shar takes great pleasure in encouraging them along their journey. Shar McBee’s “Joy of Leadership” method is named for the lightness that comes from accepting people as they are.

Shar has been practicing yoga for 40 years.  She’s been writing and speaking about leadership for 20 years.  Her best-selling books include To Lead is to Serve, Joy of Leadership, and her newest  Leadership with a Twist of Yoga.

Mission Statement:   More joy.  Better leadership.

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