What happens when you build something into a success, and then others step in and ruin it?

When I was young I organized a voter registration drive that grew HUGE.  We had hundreds of volunteers and enormous enthusiastic participation.  Then the “experts” decided they should take over.  We were pushed aside. 

Not surprisingly, everything fell apart under the new regime. We should have been able to step back in at that point, but we couldn’t.  Here’s why:

When we found ourselves losing ground, we didn’t remain composed and respectful.  There was a big confrontational meeting. We got angry.  When you get angry you give away your power. It’s almost impossible to get it back.

If you find yourself losing ground, this is what I suggest:  Tactful reserve.  Be cautious.  Remain mindful of the end.  If you can stay composed and respectful, when time passes you can get your power back. – Shar McBee

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