Speaking isn’t Status Seeking

At an upcoming speaking engagement, I am the keynote speaker to 750 people.  At another, the organizers are worried that not enough people will register.  

These two situations made me think about what it means when we speak to people – whether you are speaking to two or to two thousand.  Some random thoughts:

 1.   If people don’t come, does it mean that what you offer is any less valuable? 

 2.  If you speak from the heart, it will always be a source of good fortune.  If you reach into the goodness of your soul and offer that, you’ll be able to exert a lasting influence.

 3.  When you are trying to accomplish something and people don’t respond, don’t try to force it.  Instead offer nourishment.  Whether two people or two thousand join in, the results will be beneficial.

 Many of you have the book “To Lead is to Serve.”  At the end of the first chapter there is a story that has changed the lives of a lot of speakers. – Shar McBee

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