Big Fundraising Ideas Can Be Very Small

A church made one small change and quickly raised so much money that they went from deep in debt to solvent.  The change was simple.  Anyone could do it.  This two minute video tells how. Big fundraising ideas can be very small. Church fundraising can be simple.
From a reader:  “I always enjoy your suggestions but this one hit me over the head.”  Please share with your family and friends who are trying to raise money for charity.  Thank you – Shar McBee

2 thoughts on “Big Fundraising Ideas Can Be Very Small”

  1. I always enjoy your suggestions but this one hit me right over the head. I am President of the board of a NFP and we have struggled for several years with fund-raising. We outsourced if for a few years and that was a disaster both to our credibility and it got really close to compromising our charitable registration. I have challenged our resource committee of which I am a member, to look at ways that we can be the most welcoming charity to donors so that they want to support us even if we don’t ask! Will keep you posted on our evolution.

  2. I shared this on my church’s Facebook page. We do a really good job of greeting and maybe could work on being a little more welcoming. We can only hope for those kinds of numbers (we’re at about 1,400-1,500 members presently). Thanks Shar.

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