3 thoughts on “Success Secret that I Learned by Accident”

  1. It seems to me that the success secret that Shar McBee has learned by accident was actually the result of an underlying positive relationship as it was being created by the Hawaiian visitor and her. Even though she was in no position to share her time with the visitor, she had made no assumption that her encounter with him would or would not entail a total waste of her scarce time. She decided to play the role of a good listener. Consequently, the impromptu meeting lasted 30 minutes and the pressingly-needed breakthrough in her fundraising goals ensued. In real life, many relationships, business or personal, turn negative simply by unfounded assumptions already entertained in the minds of either one or both parties. Under such circumstances, established goals are already dead upon arrival of the players. Seemingly, it was the absence of any assumption by the visitor or her that made the success secret.

  2. Don,
    Your comment made me wonder how many times I missed good opportunities (with other people) because i did have preconceived notions about them. hmmmmm

    Thank you for your thoughtful response.

    1. Hi, Shar,

      Thanks for your reply. It was my pleasure to have been a regular reader of your interesting emails as well as to have referred you to a family member of mine. In fact, I also had my share of a preconceived notion when, for instance, I stepped into an elevator as soon as it was opened under my default assumption that it would be empty but almost bumped into people who were pouring from it.

      Thanks again. I really enjoy your practical advice on non-profit fund raising strategy and leadership skills.


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