What is Missing in Effective Leadership Training?

In Hollywood the actors pretend to be something they are not.  When the movie is finished the studios pretend the movie is good when it is not.

One of the best lessons I received about leadership could be included in any effective leadership training.  The situation was this:  My supervisor was in New York.  I was working in Australia.  I prided myself in doing what was expected.  But the long distance and time difference made it hard to get my questions answered. I wanted to do it right but often didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

It felt like Hollywood – guessing and pretending.

Then my supervisor said something I will never forget:  “Learn to follow what is great inside you.  Trust your intuition.”

The voices of fear  became quieter.  People responded.  The more I trusted my own higher nature, it was easier to draw out the higher nature in others. – Shar McBee


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