How to Lighten Your Load

An organization rented a large conference room in a museum to hold a seminar.  Before the event, the staff of the museum didn’t return phone calls;  didn’t send the contract until the last minute;  and argued about the placement of the chairs.  On the day of the event they refused to unlock the doors until moments before people arrived, making registration a nightmare.

Two attendees at the seminar commented that similar things had happened to them when their organizations held events at this location.

After it was over, one organizer called the CEO of the museum to warn him.  He was new at the museum.  The entrenched, crotchety staff had been there for years.  He hadn’t heard of this before.  And he didn’t want to hear about it.

The organizer suggested, “Survey everyone who has rented the room in the past year.  Ask about their experience.”   The CEO didn’t do it.  He was afraid to face the truth.

How to lighten your load?  Sometimes when you are afraid to face danger, it is because you think there is no way out.  Or the solution will pile more burdens on you.  In fact, when you face your fears  you may not get instantaneous results, but it will lighten your load. – Shar McBee


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  1. Someone asked me HOW? (How facing his fears would help this CEO lighten his load.)

    Do you think these staff members will do the same thing again? And again? By not facing it now, the CEO is setting himself up for heartache in the future.

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