Success at Surviving a Recession

A successful Australian business owner told me his secret for surviving a previous recession:  Set limits on your limitations.


He said if you go too far in imposing limitations on others, they will rebel.

If you limit yourself too much, it can be damaging.


Years ago his business was hit hard, so he went to an advisor expecting to learn how to cut.  Instead he received this guidance:  Treat your employees as brothers and sisters.


The advice surprised him, but he found that when he changed his attitude it made great changes possible.  He gathered support.  They became a tight team, and when the recession eased they were prepared to quickly seize the moment.  Once the obstacle was removed, they didn’t miss any opportunities.  While others were scrambling to rebuild, they were able to expand into the USA, China and Japan.


Can you apply this to your situation? – Shar McBee



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