A 3-Step Test — How do You Handle Power?

In Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea,” when the old man finally hooked the big fish of his life, when he finally got what he wanted, that was when his real test began.


Could he handle it?  Would he give it his full courage?  Did he have the discipline to finish the job?


As a leader, to find out how people will handle a big opportunity, test them.

Just give them a little power.  It will reveal everything.


1.  Do you seek to be somebody?  Or do you seek to do something worthwhile?

2.  Can you remain modest?  If not, you’ll never be truly rich.

3.  Can you remain reticent?  If not, you’ll never be truly powerful.


I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on handling power.

Shar McBee

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