Are YOU a Strong Leader?

A strong leader isn’t the one who mothers and fathers people, or tries to control their behavior.  A strong leader is one who remains firm through uncomfortable, ambiguous situations.


If you ski, it is like keeping your balance when you hit a mogul.  You know it is going to be smooth on the other side if you can stand up through the bumps.  If you sail, it is like staying on course when there is no wind.


When you feel disappointed because there is no visible progress, remember that there are always ambiguous moments.  If you hesitate and doubt your direction, no one will follow you. 


“Laura” bragged about being in charge of a big holiday event.  But when it got bumpy, she quit.  What this tells us is that she liked the title, but not the work.  Do you like the title of “leader” or do you like the work of being the leader?  The work of the leader requires you to remain firm, stick to your principles, and keep moving even when you are going through uncomfortable, ambiguous situations. – Shar McBee

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