Pushing for Something?

An ineffective Chairman was dismissed and “Lawrence” took over.  Because he had been successful in the past, Lawrence thought he could get the organization back on track quickly.  He raised some much needed capital.  People applauded.  But then he went too far.  He pushed the Board for major changes.


That’s when he was dealt a crushing blow.  100% of the Board voted against him.  It was a resounding defeat for something that he assumed would be easy.   


Action without preparation frightens people and repels them.  If you want to make a BIG difference, give people time to assimilate your ideas.  It takes time for hidden resentments to come to the surface.  With time, secret fears come into the light and lose their power over people.


Like Lawrence, are you pushing for something?  If you want your work to have a long-lasting consequence, prepare it slowly.  First, build up a reservoir of good will through your small actions.

– Shar McBee




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