Your Reputation as a Leader

boat sinkingA leader is like the captain on a grand cruise ship.  He dresses in his ocean whites, mingles and greets people graciously.  When there is a leak in the bow, however, instantly he is down the hatch plugging the holes or on the deck barking commands.

As the leader, sometimes we have to sacrifice our reputation for being a nice person.  When the seas get choppy, we can’t let our organization run aground because we don’t want to get our whites dirty.

If you choose to sacrifice the organization to save your reputation, you’ll lose your reputation regardless.

– Shar McBee

Read more about this in Chapter 4 of To Lead is to ServeClick here. 

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    So glad to read about your blog! I’m looking forward to reading more! Thank you for sharing your knowledge…..know that you are appreciated!

    Rebecca Henderson

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