Women Empowerment and Wounded Pride

women empowermentGina’s pride is wounded.  She extended herself to someone and he did not reciprocate.  He brushed her off and couldn’t be bothered with her.

Pride usually shows itself in impatience, anger, giving up, or vindictiveness.  For example:  when the maître d in a restaurant doesn’t seat her soon enough, Gina becomes impatient.  When a man at a dinner party indicates her conversation is inappropriate, she becomes angry.  When her dance moves are criticized she gives up dancing.

Now, is she going to become vindictive?

She could become a woman with a grudge, but (fortunately) a friend said something that turned her mind around. There is a lot of talk these days about “women empowerment” but the real  women empowerment will never come from the outside.  No one can take away your real power, but you can give it away (by letting wounded pride make you impatient, angry or vindictive.)

The friend pulled her out of her misery with this statement:  What others think of you is none of your business.

By Shar McBee author of “To Lead is to Serve”


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