What Throws You Off-Balance?

Carry-Water young womanWhen I first went to India, if I wanted to make a phone call to the United States, I had to drive five hours from my village into the big city of Mumbai.  Today, in that village, ladies still carry water from the well in pots on their heads, but they talk on cell phones while they do it.

There’s a leadership lesson here. The leader of any group is not the person with the title.  The real leader is the person who can change with the times without being thrown off-balance.

Vacillation in our inner balance and in holding to our principles, causes those who follow us to hesitate.  We can only achieve great things after we develop inner stability; when change and outside events no longer jar us off course.

Nonprofit Leadership Tip:  When you doubt yourself and what you know, it makes you weak as a leader because it throws you off-balance.

by Shar McBee





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