Injustice for All

What leadership tips can be drawn from the Casey Anthony case?

1. When I was a child I stole money from my aunt’s purse. She confronted me immediately and I was punished. What if she had let me get away with it? Because she was willing to be strong, I never did it again.

As the leader, when something is wrong, we have to stop it. We can’t wait until it is too late to enforce order.

2. I used to know a sociopath. He was charming, brilliant, and immoral. He got away with… (well, not murder) but way too much because he was creative and accomplished. But he hurt a lot of people. In the end, no one respected him or the work he had done.

As the leader, we have to assume responsibility for not only what is done, but how it is done.

3. OUR words have power. Because something is “legal” doesn’t make it right. Sometimes all it takes is one person to speak up.

As a leader, we have the power to obstruct INJUSTICE. Casey Anthony would have been re-tried if one jurist had been strong enough to do what was right. – Shar McBee

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