How to Avoid Conflict

Conflict develops when people are cunning, calculating, and crafty.  Conflict arises when they use force to impose their will.  Conflict grows when people think they are right and run into opposition.

The best way to avoid conflict is in advance.  Clearly define rights and duties.  When each individual feels the terms are just, they will work in harmony.

Once you are in the midst of conflict, the best thing to do is meet your opponent halfway.  To carry on the conflict to the bitter end (even if you are right) will have a bad outcome.  You may get your way but the antagonism will continue.

If you are not ready to do that, leave it unresolved.  Give yourself time to emotionally disengage.  Don’t adopt a solution just to end the ambiguity.  IMPORTANT:  When you are in the midst of conflict, avoid starting a new project.  For your project to be successful, you have to have a unity of forces which doesn’t happen until the conflict has been disengaged. – Shar McBee




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