Has somebody done you wrong?

Has someone done this to you?  Not showed up for an appointment?  Cut you off when you made a suggestion?  Not returned your call?


When we’ve been insulted, the tendency is to feel, “Poor Me” or “I’ll cut them out of my life.”  Or, “I’ll straighten them out by telling them what they’ve done wrong.”  Unfortunately, none of these paths will lead to success for YOU.


When somebody has done you wrong, continue on YOUR path.  You have a goal (you wanted that appointment for a reason.)  Move toward another opportunity.  Don’t go back and dwell on the insult.  You can’t change that person.  Move on (quickly.)  Why let someone else’s bad behavior detract from what you want to accomplish? – Shar McBee

1 thought on “Has somebody done you wrong?”

  1. Something that helps me is to try to Assume Good Intentions. It’s easy to take the negative road, but most people don’t set out to ruin other people’s days.

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