Have Fun Everyday

high fiveChildren laugh approximately 400 times every day.  Adults…15 times.  What happened to us that we would give up 385 laughs?

What is it about celebrating that makes leaders nervous?  Could it be that the load they bear is too heavy for their support?

Celebrating makes people feel like winners.  I play Trivia with two other people who celebrate and high-five every time we get a correct answer.  Monday night I watched the Ravens football team win a game with a kick. (A long kick…yes…61 feet.  But still it was just one kick.)  Fans erupted in delight.   Can you imagine them not celebrating?

And yet organizations accomplish magnificent feats without even a whisper of jubilee. Creating an atmosphere where people can have fun is part of the leader’s job.

At this time, the end of the year, look back over your accomplishments.  Celebrate.  Laugh.  High-five.  Have fun.  If you are the leader, it’s part of your job description!

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