How to Attract Good Fortune

chocolate candy


One year the only Christmas gift I received was a two-inch square of chocolate candy. Yet I was the happiest I have ever been during a holiday season.

How could this be?

I was volunteering far from home, on the opposite side of the planet, in a rural village.  Living frugally, simply, eating mostly beans and rice… yet I felt rich.  Later I understood it.  When you love being of service or doing good, you produce conditions in your heart that make room for favorable outcomes.  Your good fortune is inevitable.  It can’t be prevented.

Good fortune works like the heart’s blood flowing in and out.  It’s impossible to hold onto.  When good fortune comes, we have to share it.  We can’t hold it back in a selfish way.  It flows through us (not to us) and needs to reach those for whom it is intended.

By Shar McBee, author of “To Lead is to Serve

P.S.  You may like “How to Attract Abundance“.  It’s a 3 min. video clip from a talk I gave at a “Leadership for Women” conference that is designed to make you re-think ideas about nonprofit fundraising.  (It’s easier than you think.)



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