Are We Missing Something?

Three scenarios:


A SPOUSE.  A survey found that the number one reason that men cheat on their wives is NOT that the mistress is prettier or sexier, but that she likes his clothes and appreciates his job.  She appreciates him.  The wife takes him for granted.


A CAFÉ OWNER.  Last week I stopped in a café for a sandwich.  The waitress served me, then disappeared.  I was alone in the tiny café when the owner, his wife and a sign painter came in.  They began a conversation about a new sign. 


“We need customers, so we want a big sign,” the owner said.  They talked for twenty minutes about the sign.  They left without saying one word to me, a customer.


A POLITICIAN.  When she was shaking your hand, she looked over your shoulder to see who else was in the room.  She lost the election.


Why do we take for granted what is right in front of us? 


My wish for you this New Year 2010:  Don’t worry about changing the world.  Focus on the needs of the people right in front of you.  It will change YOUR world.


– Shar McBee






2 thoughts on “Are We Missing Something?”

  1. Excellent advise! My best example of addressing people’s needs and connecting with people was in a visit to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philadelphia. My wife and I accompanied her mother who was having a out-patience visit at the Treatment Center. While sitting in the waiting room a number of the executives of the Treatment Center passed through the waiting room. As they passed through they stopped and spoke to every patient and caregiver present. Their warmth and concern for everyone was obvious. This attitude from management is part of the healing powers of the Cancer Treatment Center and is evident in all of the staff from the top to the lowest position. God Bless them.

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