The Time for Action Has Come in Tech Leadership

Tech leadership has to be creative because techies are creative.  They are artists creating our future.   When they get stuck, leadership can step in and offer them heart-to-heart exchanges with others, and situations where they can exchange energy and encourage one another to new heights. 

An artist who designs window displays at a department store says that when she first got her job, every time she changed a mannequin the dress would sell out of stock. It meant she would have to change the display again.

She got tired of changing the display so she started using dresses that she thought wouldn’t sell. No luck!  Eventually she realized that it had nothing to do with the dress. What mattered was taking action.

I’ve been waiting for things to go back to “normal.” But no longer. I’m taking action with a LinkedIn event: “How to Earn the Respect of Your Team.” 

As I mentioned above, tech leadership has to be creative because techies are creative.  They are artists creating our future.  Artists deserve and crave respect.  For that reason I have invited two very successful tech “artists” as the guests on this LinkedIn event:   

1.  Luis Hurtado, CEO of Inverted Chaos which makes motion graphics for most of the world’s largest tech companies. 

2.  A surprise senior vice president of one of the worlds largest engineering firms.  

They are both experts in tech leadership and have some very interesting advice for you when you are working with a team. 

The event schedule is a 20-minute presentation followed by
20-minutes of conversation.  

Join us! (It is a creative approach to the issue.)

Join our ‘presentation and conversation’ about respect.  People want respect.  Yet 54% of employees say they don’t get
it.  This event is about the success that
comes when you create and maintain a respectful work atmosphere.

It is not just a “turn the other cheek” solution.  Other people don’t have to change for you to
be happy.  There are things you can do
easily that bring value into your workplace. 

You will learn about losing enterprises that have been
turned into successful ones, and how easy it is to have people be enthusiastic
about working with you.

Research reported in the Harvard Business Review found:   1.  A study of nearly 20,000 employees found that
half don’t feel respected by their bosses.   2.  
Those that get respect from their leaders
reported 56% better health and well-being and 89% greater enjoyment and
satisfaction with their job.

This is the first of a 2-part series.  Join us.

Feeling stuck?  The story above about an artist and taking action is a good way to get unstuck.  Here’s a story about how an airline pilot got his union contract negotiations un-stuck by doing something similar:

When people are stuck, they often think the solution is complicated.  After all, they can’t see the way out.   But often the solution is very simple.

Jerry Van Camp is a pilot who was the chairman of his pilots’ union. The union meetings were held in a room where everyone smoked, ate, and drank coffee. The room was a mess. At one point, the union was negotiating a new contract and the two sides were stuck in a deadlock. Meeting after meeting had taken place without reaching an agreement.

One night, before a crucial meeting, Jerry went into that room and cleaned the whole area himself. He vacuumed, dusted, and rearranged the chairs. He placed flowers on the table. The chairman became the servant, and the next morning the energy in the room had shifted. The air was clear. It felt good to be in that room. Fresh thoughts seemed to spring forth from the atmosphere and the negotiators discovered a perfect solution.

This story is from the chapter  “Be Attractive”  in my book “To Lead is to Serve.”  — Shar McBee