A Bold Move

What would your life be like if you made a bold move?

At the peak of my career as a broadcast journalist, I was offered my own television show plus a column in the New York Times Syndicate. It was going to go to 212 newspapers.

Instead, I went to a village in India and became a dishwasher in an ashram. Friends thought I was crazy.  Really.  They thought I had lost it.  My tennis partner said she was embarressed to know me.  

They say when you write from the heart, it is always a best seller.  It was a
bold move. But I learned yoga and meditation and it led me to my life work. 

From India, I did volunteer work all over the world, supervised thousands of people
(volunteers and paid workers,) wrote my first book, “To Lead is to Serve,”
became a keynote speaker, and once again was traveling around the world  – this time as a bestselling author.  

Today I teach what I learned about leadership based on yogic principles.  And those friends (who thought I was crazy} now invite me to their dinner parties.

What about you? What bold move would change your life?