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"New managers are surprised to learn that
the skills required for success as an individual
and those required for success as a manager
are starkly different.
Harvard Business Review


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Joy of Leadership
The Only Secret to Your
Success as a New Leader
$17.95 plus shipping (priority mail)


To Lead is to Serve - How to Attract Volunteers and Keep Them - Shar McBee - Book

To Lead is to Serve
Organizations have increased their volunteers
as much as 500% using this method.
$14.95 plus shipping (priority mail)

We offer a big discount when you buy multiple copies.
Call: 410-745-8888

Our Best Offer
Joy of Leadership Training without leaving your office.

Learn to inspire confidence. Attract customers and members. Rejuvenate your team.

Are you a non-profit?
Increase donations and volunteers. It is possible!

Are you a for-profit business?
Increase sales and customer loyalty. You must!

Here’s what you get:
The heart of this special offer is a motivational seminar by telephone conference
call for your whole team with Shar McBee. ($875 value.)

  • 25 copies of the book "To Lead is to Serve"
    ($373.75 value)
  • 25 copies of the book "Joy of Leadership"
    ($448.75 value)
  • Audio CD "How to Inspire Cooperation"
    ($11.95 value)
  • Audio CD "How to Attract People of Ability"
    ($11.95 value)
  • Audio book on 2 CDs "To Lead is to Serve"
    ($19.95 value)
  • FREE shipping.

Total value: $1800.
Your special price: Only $399
FREE shipping.

We live in an age of too much information and too little transformation.
Together, let's transform your organization!

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Shar McBee Leadership HOw to ATtract People of Ability. I transform new managers into joyous leaders. CD

How to Attract People of Ability

It won't take extra time. It won't cost you money. It will bring you great success!
$11.95 plus shipping (priority mail)

30 minutes


Shar McBee Leadership. How to clear the air & create congenial cooperation. I transform new managers into joyous leaders. CD

How to Create Cooperation

When people feel included, they support you. When they feel excluded, they’ll undermine you.
A small shift can make a huge difference.
$11.95 plus shipping (priority mail)

Audio CD
33 minutes

To Lead is to Serve by Shar McBee Audio book image

To Lead is to Serve Audio book
2 Audio CDs

You’ll be inspired and motivated
as you listen and learn:
How to increase your volunteers.
How to increase your donations.
How to triple your attendance.
Why volunteers quit.
Why people say YES.

Running time: 2 hours 25 minutes
Read by the author
with an introduction by Mark Davis.
$19.95 plus shipping (priority mail)

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What’s a teleclass? An affordable, comfortable way to learn. It’s a conference call, a telephone call made from the comfort of your own home or office. Because it is highly interactive, students participate, ask questions and learn from everyone’s experience.



How to Attract New Customers
How to Attract Donations
How to Attract Volunteers

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"Shar McBee’s basic concept of To Lead is to Serve emphasizes that if we expect others to give, we ourselves must set an example of giving. It is pretty basic, pretty profound, but
it is a concept and thought that has really
stood the test of time."

President George W. Bush
Click to listen

"I was looking for a miracle when I re-read
Joy of Leadership. I had just been through
the most stressful time in my career. The
book gave me a whole new way of looking
at employees. It gave me a whole new
outlook on leading. It actually gave
me more than a miracle."

Catherine Chambers
Accounting Manager
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"The finance world is made up of
entrepreneurs who could benefit from
this book. It’s inspiring and wonderful."

Bonnabel Callens
Senior Vice President - Investments
Morgan Stanley

"Save yourself a lot of grief and read
Joy of Leadership! It will make working
with people a breeze."

Robert G. Allen
New York Times best selling author of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams
of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income
, and co-author of The One Minute Millionaire

"The concept is similar to
‘Ask not what your country can do for you.’
This message is
‘Ask what you can do for your people.’
I loved it."

Arline Oberst
Chicken Soup for the Volunteer Soul

“In her book Joy of Leadership Shar McBee unlocks the essential secrets for deeply meaningful and successful leadership techniques. It lays the emotional
framework that every great leadership
text should rest upon.”

Jerome Jessup
Jessup Designs
Former Senior Executive Vice President
Ann Taylor Stores

"I loved this little book."
Mary Lange
Vice President
Independent Bankers Association of Texas

"One section had a profound impact on me. That section was in connection with giving. Giving a seed. What a powerful concept."
Mohammad Marashi
Vice President, Customer Support Engineering
Pan Am Sat

"If you are a new leader, Joy of Leadership can save you a great deal of heartache."
Veronica Tao Chevalier
Shing Kwan Investment Company Limited
Hong Kong

"This is an awesome book and so needed. I had been thinking of applying for a job and thought that it was way above my head, although I had the qualifications. After reading JOY, I am applying!"
Mary Castelberry
Training Director, Texas Department of State Health Services

"Joy of Leadership is a wonderful read, filled with great principles and laws."
Tim Bensen
Bensen and Associates, Inc.
Executive Recruiters

"Very useful for young people who are new to leadership positions. It’s interesting how you can know something and yet forget it.
This book is a strong reminder."

Betsy Strick, Ph.D

"The book really does address all of the
top leadership challenges. The stories are engaging and the lessons clear.
The exercise at the end is excellent."

Kathleen Harkins
Harkins Associates
A National Sales Training and Consulting Firm

"The words just jump off the pages as if you are having a one on one conversation with Shar McBee. For the maximum impact from
the book, do the exercises she suggests at
the end; they’ll help to gel what you glean
from the pages."

Rebecca Henderson
Book Reviewer and Columnist

"A plain and simple guidebook for managers. Especially recommended for anyone recently promoted to a managerial or leadership
position in the workplace."

Midwest Book Review
Publisher of book review magazines
and library newsletters

"The book had a ‘spiritual’ and ‘joyful’ element that made me feel more balanced after
reading it. The advice is powerful and
doable. The day after reading this book,
I had a meeting with a ‘difficult’ board
member. Thinking about giving her some-
thing rather than thinking about how to
make her change her annoying behavior
made me deal with her differently. The
meeting went well and I feel we know
each other better as people."

Francine Christiansen
Past President of the Junior League of Hartford, CT

"What a gift this book offers; and in such a powerful way with the beautiful stories
so well written."

Inese Kaufman
President, ICS Consulting Group

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