Why Settle for a Star?

New managers often make the mistake of depending on a star employee. Star employees love responsibility, but be careful.  If you rely too much on one person, when he or she fizzles (or rises) you could become the falling star.  


If you are a new manager, you have probably been the star.  You’ve probably worked for a star, too.  In my career I have reported to a star and I have been the star.  I know how it feels to get all the glory.  I also know how it feels when someone else is the star.  My talent goes unused and my ideas are unwanted. 


Frankly, I don’t like either situation.  Since the beginning of time, the most successful projects have been the ones where the whole group shines.


“Harmony comes from joining together the disconnected.”

Greek philosopher Heraclites 535-475 BC


Why settle for a star when unity will get you a galaxy? – Shar McBee

1 thought on “Why Settle for a Star?”

  1. It’s amazing how when you need a reality check there seems to be one right around the corner. I just began and finished a situation where I ended up the person who was out done by the star, and now I’m in a situation where I’m looking for a star in my new position. Thanks for the different point of view. I’ll try to be all inclusive this time around where everyone can share in the accolades.
    Thanks, Willie

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