What ‘Will’ You Become?

Overheard:  “You jerk!”  “You are pathetic.”  “Pitiful.” 

These were managers talking about people. Could there be a benefit?

 “As you think so you become”  was said by a sage over 4000 years ago.  If it is true, could there be a benefit to calling someone a jerk?

I overheard the above statements from men and women while they were playing tennis.  It was supposed to be fun. But here is the catch:  The statements were made by people talking about themselves!  

Would you ever talk to someone else (a person you supervise, for instance) the way you talk to yourself? If you call yourself pathetic, what will you become?

It takes willpower to stop bad-talking yourself.  Will you?  There’s an old saying,  “Where there’s a will…there’s a way.”  I suggest:  “When there’s a will… you want to be a beneficiary.”– Shar McBee

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