Loyalty – How to win it with Helen Gahagan Douglas.

In tough times, your values are going to be challenged.


I saw a play this week: “Don’t Blame Me.  I voted for Helen Gahagan Douglas.”  Helen ran for Senate many years ago.  As the campaign became more and more challenging, she was asked to change her positions, take money from people who wanted something that she didn’t want to give; sell out. 


Like Helen, when our values are challenged, we often become isolated.  We are misunderstood.  We lose our chance to be of influence.


Helen lost the race.  But she didn’t lose her integrity.  She didn’t have to spend the rest of her life justifying or apologizing for bad behavior.  Half a century later, two playwrights, Michele Willens and Wendy Kout, have told her inspiring story. 


When you follow what is good in yourself, you inspire others to follow what is good in them.  When you are loyal to yourself, you can be loyal to others.  You may not win an election or a popularity contest, but this is how  you win loyalty. – Shar McBee

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