"Your job as the leader is to make it possible for people to succeed."

Shar McBee

Leadership Training in Los Angeles ​

Inspire. Motivate. Engage Your Team.

Creative solutions for executives. Position yourself correctly to go with the flow. Leadership development plus the Yoga Advantage: Our method is unique because you gain wisdom from yoga principles that will transform your leadership success.

Leadership Training in Los Angeles

At Joy of Leadership, our goal is to inspire you to be the leader you want to be by offering you simple, concrete solutions to everyday challenges.

How do you create cooperation?
What makes people give you support?
How do you turn reluctant employees into willing participants?

Our executive leadership development program addresses these issues and more perplexing, challenging, and illusive management mysteries. To be of service to the world, be of service in your world. Make a difference in the lives of those who work with you. Most of us have at least one former boss that we remember with gratitude; one who saw our potential and gave us a chance; recognized our talent and pointed it out; a boss who inspired our loyalty, trust and our excellence. Now that you are a manager, why shouldn’t that great boss be you?

What is the twist of yoga?

Attendees of our team leaders training learn Yoga Wisdom principles. Some of it is physical; some is a way of thinking about yourself and others. Science has proven over and over again how much the mind and body are connected. When we change our bodies (even just our breathing) it can change the way people relate to us. In Sanskrit, yoga means union. Yoga can help you to renew and expand yourself through empowering others. In the Yoga Wisdom sections, you will learn about the true freedom that comes from detachment. As a leader, yoga can teach you to disengage from situations that might cause you to react emotionally. It will help curtail overconfidence which can cause you to make mistakes.

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By keeping your ego and self-importance under control, the egos of others have nothing to compete against. Pride makes people hard. Desire makes them soft. Yoga makes them dynamic.

Yoga (unity) brings joy – the true joy that arises from within, not the false joy that comes from trying to force success. Chasing victories will never lead to happiness. To be happy and ultimately successful, we need to be willing to be led, and to be led, we need to learn how to surrender into stability.

Picture a mountain. It is not intimidated by a storm. It surrenders to the circumstances and remains stable. Learning the yogic “Mountain Pose” and the philosophy behind it will help you avoid the pressure that comes with challenging situations. There’s no need to act prematurely in a predicament, or jump to your first conclusion. When you learn to be still, standing steady and quiet like a mountain, you won’t have to grasp for the quickest solution.

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Yoga creates energy. Impatience scatters it. New endeavors always include chaos. The Mountain Pose helps you to relax during chaotic beginnings. When you learn the yogic concept of “stability before mobility,” it will help you to be comfortable with non-action until the right thing to do becomes clear. This should provide greater opportunities, and make it possible to expand your horizons.

This is a leadership development program based on the idea of nourishment, and the fostering and nourishing of able people which will rebound to the benefit of all. If you are searching for “leadership courses near me” or “LA leadership” … search no more. In a location as creative as Los Angeles in southern California leadership training must be creative too. It also must be real, if it is to have long-lasting value. Just as the fate of fire depends on wood, if your managers are not going to burn out, you have to keep the fire burning. Our Joy of Leadership training includes the mind and the body so that you no longer cut against the cosmic grain; you are no longer swimming upstream; you can go with the flow. You acquire an intuitive sense of what can and cannot be, and align your efforts accordingly.

In our leadership workshops and online leadership program, you learn why true leadership is not being right, nor standing on top. It is supporting from the bottom and using diverse circumstances creatively. Also, a leadership position does not last forever; it is merely part of a cycle that one day will wane. Some day you, too, must surrender your power. Meanwhile, stay true to your convictions. Lead with integrity. Use your leadership opportunity to serve the higher good.

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