"Your job as the leader is to make it possible for people to succeed."

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Joy of Leadership Training

This program is based on the principle of “To Lead is to Serve,” a transformative, authentic way of being a leader.

Isn’t it time to step into a leadership style that reflects a much higher version of who you are? …And what your true purpose and value is to the world?

We are living through an astonishing time of transformation on our planet. The Joy of Leadership Training is based on deep spiritual wisdom. If you believe that “to lead is to serve,” the program will help you expand, embrace and embody the principle so that when you need it, you can fully benefit from it.

This program will help you deal with a wide spectrum of leadership situations from handling toxic office personalities to feeling confident enough to trust your intuition.

In leadership, a “To Lead is to Serve” mindset makes it possible to:

• Keep shallow people at a distance, not in anger but with dignity because a dignified retreat can actually help you retain control.
• Distance yourself from forces that would rob you of your peace because a retreat from conflict is actually an advance toward your own center, where your true power lies.
• Understand why a good leader has nothing to prove, and thus may always operate from a position of sincerity, with no pretense or posturing.

A leader who embraces the principle of ‘to lead is to serve’ holds an inner fire that ignites enthusiasm in every heart it touches. The principle causes such an alchemical transformation of circumstances that it seems magical and miraculous. Yet it is only a shift of perspective and attitude.

Are you in tech? Tech leadership has to be creative because techies are creative. They are artists creating our future. They can also bend you to your breaking point. Tech leadership requires the ability to slice through the challenges.

Do you believe that “to lead is to serve”? If so, success will not be denied you.

Meet Your Mentor

Shar McBee had never received leadership training when she was suddenly put in charge of supervising over 500 people.  It was hard.  People didn’t cooperate.  They criticized and gossiped about her.  She laid awake at night, wondering, “Why is it so painful?  I’m just trying to do a good job.”

Then a wonderful mentor taught her a leadership principle that changed everything.  

The mentor said, “You are suffering because you are trying to get things from people.  Get them to listen.  Get them to show up. Get their support. Get. Get. Get.  How do you feel when people are trying to get something from you?  You go into a store.  You actually want what they sell.  But when they come at you with their suction cups, you run out of there.

“You need to make a small shift… from getting to giving.  Your job is not to get people to do things.  Your job is to make it possible for them to succeed.”

After that day, Shar went on to organize huge events all over the world, supervising as many as 1000 people at a time.  She wrote a bestselling book about it (To Lead is to Serve) and has taught the principle of “to lead is to serve” to over 150,000 people in person and to millions more through the media.  In this program, she will teach the secrets behind this principle to you. 

Why the twist of yoga?

Science has proven over and over again how much the mind and body are connected. When we change our bodies (even just our breathing) it can change the way people relate to us. No yoga mats required.  The yoga and breathing exercises can be done at your desk in a suit or stilettos.

Getting the right mentor is extremely important for getting the results you need. Shar McBee is the driving force behind Joy of Leadership.  She has a proven track record of success. A mentor who has been up the mountain can make it easier for you to get there faster.

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