Leadership Qualities: What is the Weakest Combination?

Jane was chosen to chair the Holiday Ball.  She loved the title.  Within two minutes of meeting you, she bragged that she was next year’s chair of the big occasion.  Jane mentioned her “title” to everyone.  Then, two months before the event, she abruptly quit, leaving her committee in confusion.

A co-worker said, “She likes to set a beautiful table, but doesn’t want to cook, and she’s definitely not interested in cleaning up.”

Leadership qualities:  What is the weakest combination?

  • Wanting a title without the work
  • Saying something just because it is what another person wants to hear
  • Or not saying what needs to be said (because you are afraid of losing “position”)

These are all signs of the negative side of ambition.  This kind of ambition will destroy your integrity.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill:  The weakest combination in the world is power and ambition.  The strongest combination is power and mercy. – Shar McBee


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