How to Stay Great at the Top

You get a good job. It’s a great position. How do you keep it?

It’s the law of nature that as soon as something becomes great, it begins to diminish. The moon waxes until it is full, then it begins to wane. The sun rises higher and higher in the sky. Then it falls and eventually sets.

When you are at the top, how do you stay great? MAKE OTHER PEOPLE GREAT. As soon as you begin a leadership role, immediately begin empowering others. Let them do the big jobs. Let them do the fun jobs. Let them do the hard jobs, too. (That’s how you grow.)

Most important: Let other people shine. It won’t diminish you. Instead, it will keep your light burning longer. Even after your sun has set, their brilliance will be a reflection of you.
– Shar McBee

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