How to make progress NOW

Though times are dark, you must continue on.

Standstill equals regression.


Progress begins with planting seeds.

You won’t see it at first, but one seed contains

the potential of 10,000 forests.


So use this time to plant seeds.  Contact people.

Cement relationships. Widen your connections.


This morning I sent an email thanking someone

for a suggestion he gave me last year that resulted

in a speaking job.  He replied immediately,

thrilled to have been helpful. 

To my surprise, he then offered me work

(helping his organization with fundraising.)


No one knows how all of this will turn out.

Certainly, the world is changing.

Still, seeds will grow.


If you have a good product, or a good cause – something

that people would benefit from and they should invest in –

don’t abandon it.  Don’t become hopelessly stuck.


No matter what is happening on the outside,

(like a seed) you have enormous hidden potential.


Happy New Year!  If you have thoughts about this,

please comment. – Shar McBee

3 thoughts on “How to make progress NOW”

  1. Thank you, Fabiano. You are right. It can’t be fake. You can’t plant a fake seed and expect growth.

    Everyday I receive emails disguised as “solutions” when actually they are selling something that preys on peoples fears. Things like “Your future depends on this…” or “You need to buy this immediately or your are doomed.” etc.

    Please don’t fall for this.

  2. Shar, I believe this message was one of your most powerful ones. It communicated the power of ingenuity, the hope of a breakthrough, and the faith of believing in possibilities. All three of these provide the perfect combination for beginning a new year with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Thanks for encouraging me to plant seeds rather than continuing to water a tree that is bearing no fruit.

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