Expand Your Horizons – “To Lead is to Serve”

Expand your horizons with “To Lead is to Serve.”  Are you ready to take hold of the reins?  Take control of your destiny?  Embrace the opportunity to touch the power you have only dreamed about?

Albert Schweitzer said, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”   

People care.  Our job as a leader is to encourage that and make it possible.  Our job is  not to make them work harder, but to help them give as much as their hearts can give. 

Our job is to make it possible for others to succeed. This involves finding where each one fits, how their skills and talents can be applied,and then to give them opportunities to do the work that will help them flourish. 

Draw strength from ancient wisdom  (in a modern way.)

I gave the title “To Lead is to Serve” to a book I wrote thirty years ago, yet the advice is timeless.  This avatar series is my new way of presenting the book’s leadership principles and stories.

“To lead is to serve” is an ancient and timeless leadership lesson. It has been stated in many languages throughout the ages and all over the world.

In China, the I Ching states, “To rule truly is to serve.”

In Italy, Saint Francis of Assisi said, “It is in giving that we receive.”

The Upanishads, ancient texts of India, say, “If you want to be happy, be giving.”

Jesus taught the lesson of “To lead is to serve” saying, “The greatest amongst you is servant of all.”

 When applied, this principle creates an energetic and loyal work force, which is priceless. Most significantly, it can fortify your leaders and prevent burn-out. Using the book To Lead Is To Serve and its guidelines will enable you to inspire workers to achieve beyond the call of duty.  It will help them to release their creativity and remain loyal to your organization.

To Lead Is To Serve has been a bestseller for thirty years because it can propel your organization beyond the survival mode and into prosperity.  I wrote the book for volunteers but then executives from every industry recognized the wisdom and adopted it.  (Which makes sense.  If you can inspire people who are not getting paid, imagine what you can do if they are receiving a paycheck.)

This principle is easy to put into action because it only requires a small shift in your thinking. Did you know that 98 percent of all communication is non-verbal? It takes place beneath the surface. If you are thinking, “What can I get out of these people?” on a subtle level they will feel it  and their natural tendency will be to put up a defense.

Instead, if you are thinking, “These people need something. What is it?  How can I help?” invariably they will feel your good intention and drop their resistance.

An instructor told me, “People in leadership are usually cruel.”

“Why?” I demanded, indignantly.

“Because they are willing to sacrifice people for the advancement of their cause.”

To Lead Is To Serve makes it easy to advance your cause and your people. When employees know the leader cares about them, they will give their support to the cause. When they feel the leader only cares about the cause, they will withhold their service.

In any area of our lives, if we want something to improve, all we have to do is serve. If we want flowers to grow, water them.  If we want youngsters to read, read to them. Isn’t that the way things work?

Do you want to expand your influence?  Want a breakthrough in your leadership? 

Make the shift from getting to giving.  It will put you into the natural flow.  You’ll nourish yourself and others. 

 All it takes is a  small shift.  

Like the cat in the video, a tiny, persistent, focused effort will completely change your circumstances.  It bring  you success.  The principle of “to lead is to serve” will expand your horizons.

The book is for sale on amazon.  Applying the principle is up to you.