Working hard, but achieving the opposite of what you hoped for?

thermometerOpposites are really two extremes of the same thing.

For example, look at your thermometer and determine where “heat” ends and “cold” begins.  Or, perhaps you have had the experience of love turning into hate.  Exactly, when did love end … and hate begin?  Do you know when a butterfly is able to fly?  Only after the struggle to get out of the cocoon strengthens its wings.

If you take away the polar opposites, the solution begins to emerge.  – Shar McBee, author of “To Lead is to Serve

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  1. Thank you Shar for these beautiful post. It is just come at the right time. I also thank you for the free book. I was able to download it. I really appreciate it. All your tips are so helpful.

    Kuako Nicoue

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