A Technique for Reaching Your Goals

I believe that YOU have a purpose and a unique gift to give to the world.  If you are feeling stopped from bringing your mission to expression, remember that progress comes in stops and starts. When stopped, try this method to get yourself started again.


Follow the example of water.  What does water do when it comes upon a rock?  It flows over or around it.  When it comes upon a precipice does it squeal, “That’s too steep”?  No.  It goes right over the cliff.  What happens when it comes to a hole?  It fills the hole up and flows on.


On the other hand, what happens when water does not flow on?  It gets stagnant, doesn’t it?  It’s the same with us.  If we let fear or indecision stop us, we get stagnant too.


(If you have the book, you can read more about this in the final chapter of To Lead is to Serve.  

The world needs good leadership!  Please share your Joy of Leadership tips with others.    – Shar McBee





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  1. Elisa McFarlane

    It sometimes takes a cataclysmic event (death,divorce, job loss etc) to see that we are not living according to our purpose and consistent with our values. It is at those most trying times, that I believe the best personal thinking comes through. I’m in the middle of a personal reinvention and what a delight to finally understand who I am, really, and what I can bring to an organization. It’s like have your own personal candy every day.

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